A fun lil foray into drawing & painting on nonstandard surfaces.

I like to try new things, and I like to do as much as I can myself if possible. I’m also a little stubborn. Sometimes this proves disastrous and greatly discouraging, and sometimes it’s kind of amazing what I’m capable of doing on my own with relatively limited resources. Like how I decided I wanted to make my own pin up calendars, printing & binding and everything, and it turned out pretty successful and fun?! I'm quite proud of what I created!

I’ve been fixated on fabric recently, and I decided that since I can’t weave tapestries (a skillset that I imagine takes many years of study, practice & resources to master) I can certainly crapshoot with the skills that I do have, like adapting my drawings to sit onto surfaces that weren’t intended to be drawn or painted on.

Y’know, like placemats, tea towels, and panties. I hit up the thrift to find various types of fabrics to paint abominations onto and to subject to other… experiments, you could say. It was kind of morbid flipping through racks of carefully folded fabric items and feeling them between my fingers, wondering what kind of paint scratched hell I could inflict upon it.

For the initial drawing phase, I didn’t fuck around with a pencil sketch because I knew it’d be difficult to erase or remove. Fuuuuuck that! Engage chaos, I want permanent ink on that fabric right now. I rigged up my LED light pad and some tape to stabilize, printing out an image on regular copy paper. I traced my lines with pigment-based ink pens, focusing on imprinting the main shapes. The fabric tugs quite a bit depending on the fabric type; I highly recommend Sakura Pigma Brush Pens for this as the flexible tip allows flexible coverage which makes for much smoother application!

Once I’m satisfied enough with the transfer, I turn the LED light pad off and wonder how permanently damaged my eyes might be and how I might never truly recover if I keep living this way. I take the ugly sketch and fill it in with the room lights on.

Hanging placements and doilies on walls or putting them on a coffee table is super great, and it’s nice that I can see my illustrations applied to these purposes whether it actually suits or not, because no one asked for this and it was born from my own curiosity. It's a strangely powerful feeling drawing on something with no business to be drawn on. I must admit, I do remember actually having quite the history of drawing on & absolutely mutilating t-shirts as a child... why must I inflict so much pain on so many well-meaning and innocent fabrics? Why am I compelled to do this?


The next phase of this fabric-inking adventure is drawing on stuff that hangs from human flesh bodies. I’ve had t-shirts produced in the recent past, and with more space and logistics I’d love to have more—alas, I must pace myself with these 1-of-1 pieces of tortured vintage & second hand otherwise I will be entirely too overwhelmed.

Anywho, let's draw something filthy onto some cotton panties:


Polyester and nylon are much easier to draw on and appear to be pretty receptive to actually bonding to ink. I saw an image of a ribbon chatelaine on Pinterest and shamelessly appropriated and bastardized it onto a pair a of vintage pajama shorts because how fucking cute?! do you even see this right now?!

Here's a helpful resource about painting on nylon, its properties, and much more in depth knowledge! ✧

Sometime probably last year, I had drawn up this design for a ~*~Rococo Tramp Stamp~*~ intended for the back of a t-shirt, but applying it to a slip skirt makes so much more sense! It's a delight to see this idea come to life even better than I had originally intended. My head is spinning with a ton of ideas and projects in this realm!! I'd love to add hand sewn gems or charms or lingerie bows?! Is it gonna be a Tramp-Stamp-Slip-Skirt-Summer?!?

Aaaaah but what about all the comics I wanted to knock out this summer?! SIGH. There's always July.


More illustrative fabric projects and experiments to come!

♡ Thanks for reading, friends! ♡


Bright new things! Leggy prints, keychains, and index card scribbles.

Do you recognize the Universal Law of, "ALWAYS LOOKS BETTER WITH EVEN MORE WEAPONS" ?


I’ve got three new 5x7 prints available! Two of which are just leggy as hell, but who doesn’t love legs? They can take you places sometimes, like into a pile of filth while you wear your nicest socks. If you write large and legibly enough onto your legs, you can send direct messages to the world around you, important messages like “SORRY, I FARTED” or “LEGALIZE DIARRHEA” etc.

Anyway, Apolojeans is something I drew maybe last year or the year before and totally forgot about until a few weeks ago when I uncovered the digital file in a forgotten Procreate stack. Initially I had intended to make a double-sided bookmark from the design, and perhaps I still will if I muster the patience for die-cutting! But for now, we have a lovely one-sided print version which is very cute and makes me smile a lot.

The other two pieces, also created digitally, are inspired by vintage valentines and dreamy Rococo vignettes. The messenger pigeon had to be rigged up with an unreasonable amount of weapons otherwise it wouldn’t look nearly as cool-- perhaps you may also observe this as universal law. More weapons, more danger, and more steel.



My most chaotic influence and motivation in life is that I like to think that I am very funny. If a deal from ZapCreatives lands in my inbox and strikes my fancy while I'm riding high on just how funny I think I am, and how this very funny joke with me and only myself could become very real, which somehow makes it even funnier, this keychain happens.

At it's core, it's sweet and reassuring, like having a picture of Cardcaptor Sakura's mom in your back pocket and/or as a screensaver on your phone (literally MY HUSBAND LOL). Holding this printed acrylic of a disembodied anime so-called mother's head in my hands, it's a strangely comforting talisman, like, "Things just might actually be okay today??"

After all, ancient humans carried talismans and fertility symbols around, didn't they? Isn't that basically the same as an anime mommy face??? ✧



Index cards are quite handy in my creative process; I've been keeping a small stack tucked into my sketchbook for quick thumbnails & turn around on ideas (for better or for worse, I'll let you decide), and now I have a bunch of weird partially-fleshed out stuff tucked away into a lace-bedecked grandma photo album. I'll be carrying it with me to some future shows and you can name-your-price if you feel inclined to own one of these weird lil dudes!

Anywho, I edited some of these index card drawings in Procreate, redrawing and/or throwing some color around to see what's possible. A certain new leggy print previously mentioned may have started as one of these index cards originally!


What should I bastardize into existence next? Well... stay tuned.

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Witch burnings, Deathfest, and some recent bits from my Sketchbook

I have to do something to keep myself from feeling entirely deflated and discouraged from existing, otherwise I'll never get out of bed ever again. I may continue to prove useless but the restlessness stirring behind the impenetrable walls of hopelessness in my brain desperately need an outlet, so again, here we are. It's dorkin' time.



A media trope I have a fascination with is a good ol' witch burning. I don't entirely know why the tragedy of a terrible misunderstanding or unjust persecution and execution speaks to me, I suppose it's among my greatest fears. The fear of being misunderstood is something that's plagued both my adolescence and adult life. When I'm misunderstood, it inexplicably brings me to tears. I despise explaining myself when it feels useless to do so. I feel bitter and rage toward myself for not doing better to convey myself initially. This lack of forgiveness, turning lethal and aggressive, combined with a faith in others whom we expect to act in our best interest, it creates a horrifying storm of public shame, personal shame, and the often mortal futility of standing up for one's personal integrity & principle.

But IDK really, maybe I'm just simply taken by the power of an image of a woman burning at the stake.

✧ A handful of my favorite films & shows with varying degrees of witches burning (or just like, combusting into flames or whatever):

Witchhammer (1970)

Akelarre (2020)

Belladonna of Sadness (1973)

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)

Castlevania: Season 1 (2017)

Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse (2017)

✧ A few of my favorite tunes in the realm of witch burnings and witches and burnings and such:

✧ Some things I've made in a similar aesthetic realm:



At the end of January, I had a really cute and fun weekend in Los Angeles to attend California Deathfest!

We stayed at The Freehand downtown, which was a great home-base for ogling historic architecture and finding yummy food & libations within a walkable distance. I previously didn't have a very good impression of the city, having only been once some five or six years ago, but during this lil vacation I grew to appreciate it much more. I had some time to myself to sit in our hotel room, flipping through Lost Los Angeles while listening to the city sounds. I felt very at peace. I was also very creatively charged! I quickly filled up a number of sketchbook pages within days of returning home, which was a very welcome sort of madness. ♡



The first few are some sketches from the aforementioned weekend in Los Angeles, including a yummy breakfast at Uncle John's and some of the surrounding urban architecture. Then I went on to scribble some fairies, fashion, legs and limbs and anime mommy faces galore lol. I love the little bits of ideas floating around here, some of which you may have seen become full-fledged pieces (if you poke around my store or instagram feed enough, heh!)


♡ Many thanks for reading my ramblings and flipping through my sketchbook! ♡