Witch burnings, Deathfest, and some recent bits from my Sketchbook

I have to do something to keep myself from feeling entirely deflated and discouraged from existing, otherwise I'll never get out of bed ever again. I may continue to prove useless but the restlessness stirring behind the impenetrable walls of hopelessness in my brain desperately need an outlet, so again, here we are. It's dorkin' time.



A media trope I have a fascination with is a good ol' witch burning. I don't entirely know why the tragedy of a terrible misunderstanding or unjust persecution and execution speaks to me, I suppose it's among my greatest fears. The fear of being misunderstood is something that's plagued both my adolescence and adult life. When I'm misunderstood, it inexplicably brings me to tears. I despise explaining myself when it feels useless to do so. I feel bitter and rage toward myself for not doing better to convey myself initially. This lack of forgiveness, turning lethal and aggressive, combined with a faith in others whom we expect to act in our best interest, it creates a horrifying storm of public shame, personal shame, and the often mortal futility of standing up for one's personal integrity & principle.

But IDK really, maybe I'm just simply taken by the power of an image of a woman burning at the stake.

✧ A handful of my favorite films & shows with varying degrees of witches burning (or just like, combusting into flames or whatever):

Witchhammer (1970)

Akelarre (2020)

Belladonna of Sadness (1973)

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)

Castlevania: Season 1 (2017)

Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse (2017)

✧ A few of my favorite tunes in the realm of witch burnings and witches and burnings and such:

✧ Some things I've made in a similar aesthetic realm:



At the end of January, I had a really cute and fun weekend in Los Angeles to attend California Deathfest!

We stayed at The Freehand downtown, which was a great home-base for ogling historic architecture and finding yummy food & libations within a walkable distance. I previously didn't have a very good impression of the city, having only been once some five or six years ago, but during this lil vacation I grew to appreciate it much more. I had some time to myself to sit in our hotel room, flipping through Lost Los Angeles while listening to the city sounds. I felt very at peace. I was also very creatively charged! I quickly filled up a number of sketchbook pages within days of returning home, which was a very welcome sort of madness. ♡



The first few are some sketches from the aforementioned weekend in Los Angeles, including a yummy breakfast at Uncle John's and some of the surrounding urban architecture. Then I went on to scribble some fairies, fashion, legs and limbs and anime mommy faces galore lol. I love the little bits of ideas floating around here, some of which you may have seen become full-fledged pieces (if you poke around my store or instagram feed enough, heh!)


♡ Many thanks for reading my ramblings and flipping through my sketchbook! ♡


Romance print, Heartbreak sticker pack, and one-of-a-kind items for you and all of your sweeties!


I really love these designs, they’re a bit more anti-valentine than anything but I think total despair is an important part of navigating love & romance, eh? As much as we try to avoid it, it inevitably creeps up.

✧ Limited run for January & February


I’m also reviving the ROMANCE 8x10 print this season! I had the original on display in my booth at Craft Lake City last year and a number of people inquired about prints, I figured this would be a perfect time to do a limited run on some new museum-grade paper I’m printing on. The texture really enhances the piece and gives it a feel similar to the original painting itself, which I think is pretty magical!

I’m planning to eventually swap out all of my prints for this new type of paper, though it comes with a higher cost, which means the cost of my prints will likely double over this next year. However, it’s magnificent paper and truly worth it for making my pieces stand out, look better, and last longer, so I really hope you’ll enjoy the updated quality as much as I do!

✧ Limited run for January & February

oniisama e but it's ai space junk
Oniisama E but it's like AI space junk instead


Here's a little peek at some new small-scale originals I'll have with me at the Valentine's Market (more info provided below!)

I've been loving drawing on this toned cardstock I got initially for packaging purposes, it feels a shame to only use it for something that generally gets tossed away-- both pencil and pastel blend beautifully on it, and it's so substantial it even holds some light watercolor well!

The keychain cuties are super fun for me to make and try some new ideas, for this round I explored a ~tender bondage~ theme, combining cute wholesomeness & kink! Certainly it's not an entirely new or original idea, but it's sweet and makes me happy and I'd love to explore it more. So basically if you want a portrait that looks like a Precious Moments illustration but with naughty & kinky overtones (instead of, say, biblical ones, unless it's both biblical AND kinky lol), hit me up!

I also painted this small silly piece of robot space junk having an Oniisama E moment, because what's more iconic than trying to understand the beep-boops of robot love while drifting through an infinite dark cosmos? It's so silly and I love it so much that I might actually make prints of this one, so keep a look out, hehe.

✧ Anything that's still available after the event will be listed in my online store the following Monday.


✧ Presented by the magical and lovely Bleached and Bewitched: Catch me at the Valentine's market February 12th at The Beehive, noon-6pm!

✧ Remember to check out the Local Artist Sticker Machines! You can find them in a bunch of coffee shops and local businesses around the Salt Lake valley, like Quarters Arcade Bar, Alchemy Coffee, Sunset Coffee, Under the Umbrella Bookstore, and many more! You can also purchase my exclusive designs from the sticker machine online right here.

Many thanks, y'all!

And happy love times ♡


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This is my personal dork center where I share things I like and dork out. This time about stop-motion animation and my bad music taste.


digital drawing inspired by La Casa Lobo (2018)


Recently, the Criterion Channel was streaming a bunch of excellent animated works both older and more contemporary. I’ve always been enchanted by stop-motion in particular, (Svankmajer and the like!) and ton of these films were leaving the streaming service at the end of December. So, naturally, I spent December 31st watching as many films on my list as I could reasonably handle before they turned into pumpkins at midnight lol.

La Casa Lobo/The Wolf House (2018) is one of the films I watched that day, and immediately captured my imagination (as seen in the illustration above!) It’s so visually impressive, and the eerie premise had me analyzing and thinking about every word, movement, motif, etc. Watching what is essentially a house full of sculptures come alive and tell a story is such a wonder. The love, care, and commitment this team of artists and filmmakers undertook to make this film is truly incredible, and it shows in every single frame.

✧ As much as I love me some of the aforementioned Jan Svankmajer, I haven’t actually been able to access and watch a number of his films, so I desperately wanted to watch Faust (1994) before it left Criterion as well. And of course, I fucking loved this film. It’s simply the tale of Faust, but obviously in the most Svankmajer way, full of puppets and clay and old things and food textures, all of which I am clearly and unabashedly partial to. Also for whatever reason I found it really refreshing to watch a film that has absolutely no dialogue at all for like, the first 30 minutes. Sometime just creaky noises and visuals is all I need to stay captivated lol.

IDK, I’m just a simple man that loves Czech cinema in a way that I have yet to figure out how to explain.



I always love the magic of finding new music to listen to. I grew up listening to whatever my parents downloaded on Napster, whatever my older brother discovered and showed me, whatever was on the radio or TV. Soon that graduated into whatever CDs I could rip from my local library, whatever label’s compilation album I was handed out at Warped Tour, and whatever I could download from sketchy blogs full of pages with links to free RAR and ZIP files.

I've never had a very consistent taste in music. I like all the things I like for various different reasons, but at the end of the day I like them because something resonates with me and I just do. I’ve also never been very good at making playlists and mix CDs for this reason, a lot of it is pure whim and what I “feel” like and understandably most people don’t know how to make sense of someone else’s whims and wills and whatnot. But I think that it’s kind of fun, trying to parse out why these things got put in a category together when they’re all seemingly different.

This is all to say, I wanna share some tunes I’ve been listening to in this sort of ~bad compilation album~ style because I know people are always looking for things to listen to and my taste is kind of eclectic and especially bad but I'm trying to not care; so, this is my service to others with bad taste maybe looking for the same thing.

This playlist is a compilation of songs I was listening to while feeling absolutely pathetic. I was holding onto things that needed to be let go, but I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to go after moving on either. But I was also holding onto things for comfort, which I also greatly needed. So consider this like, the soundtrack to my weird internal tug-of-war between self-loathing and self-preservation. Also I’ve been listening to a lot of power metal lately because it’s something I find very comforting (Power Metal and City Pop are what bring me the most comfort these days?? lol)



A small curation of memes and internet absurdities for the less serious sort.

sorry is this NSFW

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