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✧ Anime Mommy Face Just Might Save UR life ok ✧

Bright new things! Leggy prints, keychains, and index card scribbles.

Do you recognize the Universal Law of, "ALWAYS LOOKS BETTER WITH EVEN MORE WEAPONS" ?


I’ve got three new 5x7 prints available! Two of which are just leggy as hell, but who doesn’t love legs? They can take you places sometimes, like into a pile of filth while you wear your nicest socks. If you write large and legibly enough onto your legs, you can send direct messages to the world around you, important messages like “SORRY, I FARTED” or “LEGALIZE DIARRHEA” etc.

Anyway, Apolojeans is something I drew maybe last year or the year before and totally forgot about until a few weeks ago when I uncovered the digital file in a forgotten Procreate stack. Initially I had intended to make a double-sided bookmark from the design, and perhaps I still will if I muster the patience for die-cutting! But for now, we have a lovely one-sided print version which is very cute and makes me smile a lot.

The other two pieces, also created digitally, are inspired by vintage valentines and dreamy Rococo vignettes. The messenger pigeon had to be rigged up with an unreasonable amount of weapons otherwise it wouldn’t look nearly as cool-- perhaps you may also observe this as universal law. More weapons, more danger, and more steel.



My most chaotic influence and motivation in life is that I like to think that I am very funny. If a deal from ZapCreatives lands in my inbox and strikes my fancy while I'm riding high on just how funny I think I am, and how this very funny joke with me and only myself could become very real, which somehow makes it even funnier, this keychain happens.

At it's core, it's sweet and reassuring, like having a picture of Cardcaptor Sakura's mom in your back pocket and/or as a screensaver on your phone (literally MY HUSBAND LOL). Holding this printed acrylic of a disembodied anime so-called mother's head in my hands, it's a strangely comforting talisman, like, "Things just might actually be okay today??"

After all, ancient humans carried talismans and fertility symbols around, didn't they? Isn't that basically the same as an anime mommy face??? ✧



Index cards are quite handy in my creative process; I've been keeping a small stack tucked into my sketchbook for quick thumbnails & turn around on ideas (for better or for worse, I'll let you decide), and now I have a bunch of weird partially-fleshed out stuff tucked away into a lace-bedecked grandma photo album. I'll be carrying it with me to some future shows and you can name-your-price if you feel inclined to own one of these weird lil dudes!

Anywho, I edited some of these index card drawings in Procreate, redrawing and/or throwing some color around to see what's possible. A certain new leggy print previously mentioned may have started as one of these index cards originally!


What should I bastardize into existence next? Well... stay tuned.

♡ Thanks for reading! ♡


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