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✧ Anti/Valentine's Treats ✧

Romance print, Heartbreak sticker pack, and one-of-a-kind items for you and all of your sweeties!


I really love these designs, they’re a bit more anti-valentine than anything but I think total despair is an important part of navigating love & romance, eh? As much as we try to avoid it, it inevitably creeps up.

✧ Limited run for January & February


I’m also reviving the ROMANCE 8x10 print this season! I had the original on display in my booth at Craft Lake City last year and a number of people inquired about prints, I figured this would be a perfect time to do a limited run on some new museum-grade paper I’m printing on. The texture really enhances the piece and gives it a feel similar to the original painting itself, which I think is pretty magical!

I’m planning to eventually swap out all of my prints for this new type of paper, though it comes with a higher cost, which means the cost of my prints will likely double over this next year. However, it’s magnificent paper and truly worth it for making my pieces stand out, look better, and last longer, so I really hope you’ll enjoy the updated quality as much as I do!

✧ Limited run for January & February

oniisama e but it's ai space junk
Oniisama E but it's like AI space junk instead


Here's a little peek at some new small-scale originals I'll have with me at the Valentine's Market (more info provided below!)

I've been loving drawing on this toned cardstock I got initially for packaging purposes, it feels a shame to only use it for something that generally gets tossed away-- both pencil and pastel blend beautifully on it, and it's so substantial it even holds some light watercolor well!

The keychain cuties are super fun for me to make and try some new ideas, for this round I explored a ~tender bondage~ theme, combining cute wholesomeness & kink! Certainly it's not an entirely new or original idea, but it's sweet and makes me happy and I'd love to explore it more. So basically if you want a portrait that looks like a Precious Moments illustration but with naughty & kinky overtones (instead of, say, biblical ones, unless it's both biblical AND kinky lol), hit me up!

I also painted this small silly piece of robot space junk having an Oniisama E moment, because what's more iconic than trying to understand the beep-boops of robot love while drifting through an infinite dark cosmos? It's so silly and I love it so much that I might actually make prints of this one, so keep a look out, hehe.

✧ Anything that's still available after the event will be listed in my online store the following Monday.


✧ Presented by the magical and lovely Bleached and Bewitched: Catch me at the Valentine's market February 12th at The Beehive, noon-6pm!

✧ Remember to check out the Local Artist Sticker Machines! You can find them in a bunch of coffee shops and local businesses around the Salt Lake valley, like Quarters Arcade Bar, Alchemy Coffee, Sunset Coffee, Under the Umbrella Bookstore, and many more! You can also purchase my exclusive designs from the sticker machine online right here.

Many thanks, y'all!

And happy love times ♡


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