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✧ MIFA - 0.02 ✧

Witch burnings, Deathfest, and some recent bits from my Sketchbook

I have to do something to keep myself from feeling entirely deflated and discouraged from existing, otherwise I'll never get out of bed ever again. I may continue to prove useless but the restlessness stirring behind the impenetrable walls of hopelessness in my brain desperately need an outlet, so again, here we are. It's dorkin' time.



A media trope I have a fascination with is a good ol' witch burning. I don't entirely know why the tragedy of a terrible misunderstanding or unjust persecution and execution speaks to me, I suppose it's among my greatest fears. The fear of being misunderstood is something that's plagued both my adolescence and adult life. When I'm misunderstood, it inexplicably brings me to tears. I despise explaining myself when it feels useless to do so. I feel bitter and rage toward myself for not doing better to convey myself initially. This lack of forgiveness, turning lethal and aggressive, combined with a faith in others whom we expect to act in our best interest, it creates a horrifying storm of public shame, personal shame, and the often mortal futility of standing up for one's personal integrity & principle.

But IDK really, maybe I'm just simply taken by the power of an image of a woman burning at the stake.

✧ A handful of my favorite films & shows with varying degrees of witches burning (or just like, combusting into flames or whatever):

Witchhammer (1970)

Akelarre (2020)

Belladonna of Sadness (1973)

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)

Castlevania: Season 1 (2017)

Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse (2017)

✧ A few of my favorite tunes in the realm of witch burnings and witches and burnings and such:

✧ Some things I've made in a similar aesthetic realm:



At the end of January, I had a really cute and fun weekend in Los Angeles to attend California Deathfest!

We stayed at The Freehand downtown, which was a great home-base for ogling historic architecture and finding yummy food & libations within a walkable distance. I previously didn't have a very good impression of the city, having only been once some five or six years ago, but during this lil vacation I grew to appreciate it much more. I had some time to myself to sit in our hotel room, flipping through Lost Los Angeles while listening to the city sounds. I felt very at peace. I was also very creatively charged! I quickly filled up a number of sketchbook pages within days of returning home, which was a very welcome sort of madness. ♡



The first few are some sketches from the aforementioned weekend in Los Angeles, including a yummy breakfast at Uncle John's and some of the surrounding urban architecture. Then I went on to scribble some fairies, fashion, legs and limbs and anime mommy faces galore lol. I love the little bits of ideas floating around here, some of which you may have seen become full-fledged pieces (if you poke around my store or instagram feed enough, heh!)


♡ Many thanks for reading my ramblings and flipping through my sketchbook! ♡


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