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✧ MIFA - 0.03 ✧

Sickly, Mournful, Evil, Enigmatic, Eternally just so fucking tired lol

It's currently December but I forgot to post this in October, so let's pretend it's still October for the remainder of this post pls lol thank u ♡

✧ Vampire Doll ✧

like mourning a wilted flower.

The feeling always creeps up on me when autumn looms. The creaking sound of my coffin door opening becomes increasingly stale, and the damnation hits harder and more violently with the inevitable hunger that greets me each day. I grow weary and desperate to wither away and disappear.


✧ Pinktober ✧

I'm not participating in any drawing challenges this October, but here's some from previous years of spooky dolls & vampires, or things that evoke the theme of preserving or disturbing innocence in death ✧



Turns out there’s a ton of Wampyrs out there making mournful and evil Wampyric tunes, so my current and most dominant motivation in life is to get unreasonably and violently stoned and to also explore the depths of Bandcamp's high concentration of Wampyric essence.

Some of my favorite vampire metal & dungeon synth finds with a romantic tinge:


-Sentiero dei Principi


-Vampyrean Tomb

-Cultes des Ghouls


♡ Thanks for being spooky ♡


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